The New Herman MethodWhat is The New Herman Method?

The New Herman Method® is a successful small-group reading intervention for struggling students that incorporates a multisensory approach to teaching and reading.

Why The New Herman Method?

  • Provides numerous opportunities for student responses in every lesson through a technique called "Attribute Reading"
  • Track record of success spanning 35+ years with disadvantaged students, English language learners and students with special needs
  • Incorporates latest reading research into its multisensory approach
  • Consolidated and redesigned content presented in a streamlined format
  • Effective use of teacher class time



  • Consistent emphasis on comprehension through decoding, encoding, structural analysis, sight words, contextual clues, and dictionary skills
  • Daily lesson plans for teaching each skill, including two Teacher Guides with specific objectives and attainable goals
  • Multisensory-bihemispheric instructional techniques to address problems in retention, visual and auditory processing, spatial orientation and sequencing
  • Phonetic skills assessment
  • Materials to teach a carefully controlled reading sequence that correlates with spelling and handwriting instruction
  • Sentence cards, software programs, phrase list reading, workbook activities, practice readers, and reading games to reinforce instruction.